I am an Electrical Engineer (BSEE) with an MS in Systems Engineering and coursework towards a Ph.D.

I have 20+ years of experience as an individual contributor, manager, inventor (named in 9 issued utility patents assigned to both United Parcel Service and Robotic Vision Systems/Polaroid), another 5 later on and co-founder of two startup companies.

In fact, if you have received a UPS package, a postal letter with a bunch of tiny squares where the stamp used to be, or own a Pentium/AMD powered computer, I guess I have "touched" you (at least your life). The 2D barcode on the UPS package is called MaxiCode (used to be called UPSCode, but that's for another day), and the 2D barcode on the letter is called a DataMatrix. Yes, these days every CPU chip has one laser etched (barcode labels are not suitable for these applications).


8,358,758 - Familiarization and Augmentation

8,251,626 - Bolt and receiver
8,238,949 - International Text Messaging
8,174,588 - Stereo Video Microscope

7,631,352 - Automated Computer Location and Linking System
6,860,428  - Optical Symbologies Imager
6,283,374  - Symbology imaging and reading apparatus and method
6,098,887 - Optical focusing device and method
6,066,857 - Variable focus optical system
5,821,518 - Method and apparatus for a portable non-contact label imager
5,550,365 - Method and apparatus for decoding bar code symbols using interpolation
5,478,999 - Method and apparatus for decoding bar code symbols along search steps
5,343,028 - Method and apparatus for decoding bar code symbols
5,329,105 - Method and apparatus for determining the width of bar code symbols

To date I have prepared and filed patents in the electrical (H/W and S/W), mechanical, medical, electro-optics, MEMS and business processes areas, and have been commended by my customers for effectively bridging that murky space between engineering and patenting. The ultimate compliment I received from someone (who has over 30 issued patents) was, "I can actually read and follow your patent application". 

As I said, I've been there, done that, and can compare T-shirts with you, whether your experience is as a VC-funded startup, bootstrap, a growing small company or a large Corporation. What I also offer, is someone who will tell you when I don't know something, and recommend you to someone else if I think this better serves you (see links).

If you want to talk about the patent process, and how best to protect your idea, give me a call or shoot me an
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