Patents Issued to our Clients...




  • 10,537,816 to Antonio Arias IV, Guaynabo, PR


  • 10,590,594 to Elberto Berdut-Teruel, San Juan, PR


  • 10,622,934 to Carlos Goyco, Guánica, PR


  • 10,638,095 to Edmond Wallace, Caguas, PR


  • 10,640,006 to Roberto De Jesús, San Juan, PR


  • 10,668,814 to Johnny Then-Gautier, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


  • 10,669,814 to Lucciano Diaz-Skoff, San Juan, PR


  • 10,682,990 to Eduardo Emanuelli, San Juan, PR


  • 10,694,828 to Miguel Ortiz et al, Santo Domingo, DR


  • 10,704,272 to Leah gaylord, Grand Junction, CO


  • 10,716,725 and 10,842,697 to Dr. Mark Comunale, Temecula, CA


  • 10,744,358 to Tim Krayenski et al, Portsmouth, NH


  • 10,749,462 to Constance Bodurow et al, Detroit, MI


  • 10,770,250 to Carlos Rosa, Camuy, PR


  • 10,791,748 to Jose Gualque, Bogota, Colombia


  • 10,793,052 to John Rafuse, Antrim, NH


  • 10,796,594 and 10,796,602 to John Duquette et al, New York, NY


  • 10,801,200 to Victor Figueroa, Toa Alta, PR


  • 10,823,460 to Jose Lebron, Ph.D. and Sheila Torres-Nieves, Ph.D., Mayagüez, PR


  • 10,869,519 to Ray Barrett, Merrimack, NH





  • Angel Lopez US Pat. No. D867,441


  • Urayoan Camacho US Pat. No. 10,430,786


  • Joe Rickrode US Pat. No. 10,415,268


  • Roberto De Jesus US Pat. No. 10,399,459


  • Joe Rickrode US Pat. No. 10,394,835


  • Timothy P. White US Pat. No.10,325,579


  • Curtis Howes et al Japanese Patent JP648-6595    *MPA did the claims through Ohtsuka Patent Office


  • John Duquette US Pat. No. 10,304,354


  • Steve Brian US Pat. No. 10,266,428


  • John Duquette US Pat. No. 10,262,550


  • Andrey Zykin US Pat. No. 10,256,389


  • Elberto Berdut-Teruel US Pat. No.10,238,887



  • Dusting Ziegs US Pat. No. 10,160,595


  • Andrey Zykin US Pat. No. 10,128,426


  • Carlos Alvarado US Pat. No. 10,123,812


  • Megan Cliffor US Pat. No. D835,716


  • Javier Perez US Pat. No. 10,122,140


  • Lisa Broderic US Pat. No. D817,599


  • Alberto Fernandez US Pat. No. 10,081,481


  • Marc Salvador US Pat. No.10,045,605


  • Andrey Zykin US Pat. No. 10,043,783


  • Charlton Carrender US Pat. No. 10,004,347


  • Roberto Feliciano US Pat. No. 10,002,595


  • Eduardo Emanuelli US Pat. No. 9,994,198


  • Dan Daly US Pat. No. 9,984,600


  • Roberto De Jesus US Pat. No. 9,973,059


  • Urayoan Camacho US Pat. No. 9,947,008


  • Timothy P. White US Pat. No. 9,865,239



  • Carlos Alvarado US Pat. No. 9,848,895


  • Ramon L. Perez US Pat. No. 9,814,287


  • Larry Owen, US Pat. No. 9,743,041


  • Timothy P. White US Pat. No. 9,721,543


  • Ray Barrett US Pat. No. 9,717,298


  • Joe Rickrode US Pat. No. 9,683,394


  • Edmond Wallace US Pat. No. 9,663,966


  • Timothy P. White US Pat. No. 9,620,098


  • Elberto Berdut-Teruel US Pat. No. 9,618,264


  • Dustin Ziegs US Pat. No. 9,555,959



  • Christian Yeara US Pat. No. 9,437,059


  • Dan Seguin US Pat. No 9,360,493


  • Carlos Mesa-Escuderos US Pat. No. 9,357,788


  • Lisa Broderick US Pat. No. D756,612


  • Richard Jackson US Pat. No. 9,297,639


  • Andrey Zykin and Cindy Miller US Pat. No. 9,240,538



  • Alberto Fernandez de Castro US Pat. No. 9,156,589


  • Dustin Ziegs US Pat. No. 9,120,611


  • Alex Brandorff US Pat. No. 9,107,789


  • Elberto Berdut-Teruel D731,991


  • Jeanette Cabrera US Pat. No. 9,038, 638


  • Ricardo Torres et al US Pat. No. 9,014,920


  • Dale Derrig et al US Pat. No. 9,011,063


  • Gary Rinderle US Pat. No. 9,010,312


  • Angel Collazo US Pat. No. 8,899,118


  • Miguel Serrano US Pat. No. 8,953,766



  • Dan Seguin US Pat. No. 8,899,118


  • Gary Rinderle D718,081


  • Elberto Berdut-Teruel US Pat. No. 8,866,053


  • Geovany DelValle US Pat. No. 8,863,695


  • Dave Sanso US Pat. No. 8,860,060


  • Dale Derrig et al US Pat. No. 8,858,146


  • Dave Sanso US Pat. No. 8,853,727





  • Congrats to client Jenn Neveu (of Nashua, NH!!!) on issuance of her patent , 8,776,265 for a Infant Swaddling System.



  • Congrats to clients Jimmy Gracia et al on issuance of their patent prosecuted with us, 8,722,413 BioDiesel triation patent.


  • Congrats to client Don Elberto Berdut on issuance of his patent prosecuted with us, US8,721,509 for an Exercise Machine.





  • Congrats to client  Roberto Feliciano on issuance of his second patent US8,669,449 for a Flute Stopper.


  • Congrats to Don Elberto Berdut on allowance of his Exercise Machine patent application.


  • Congrats to Dr. Rafael Ben on issuance of 8,632,542 Bone Distraction System..., our second patent to a Dominican Republic client.



  • Congrats to Ana Carro and Deveral Bodden on allowance of their patent.







  • Congrats to clients Dale Derrig and Jeff Roy on issuance of US Pat. No. 8,303,226. Thanks for the business!


  • Congrats to Miguel Serrano on issuance of 8,254,550 Method and apparatus for the management of outgoing calls




  • Congrats to Elizabeth Figarella on issuance of 8,238,949 International Text Bridging System


  • Congrats to Roberto Feliciano on issuance of 8,217,248 Ligature






  • Congrats to Dr. Ernesto Collazo, MD for 8,047,652 "Portable Electronic Amsler Test", which is also available in the Apple Store for your iPhone!


  • Congrats (again!) to Don Elberto Berdut on 8,018,116 "Electric Motor of Parallel Cycles".


  • Congrats to Robert Leyva (and his uncle) on allowance of 7,997,448 "Universal Beverage Dispenser", thanks for bringing me the business, glad to have gotten you an allowance after four previous Office Actions under the "other" lawyers. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes helps!


  • Congrats to Don Elberto Berdut on 7,955,251 Magnetic Therapeutic Male Device, my second prosecuted patent for a client in Puerto Rico.


  • Congrats to Roger Barton and the Pixtronix team on 7,920,317 Display with Controlled Formation of Bubbles, glad to have worked with you back in 2008.


  • Congrats to clients Dale Derrig and Jeff Roy on US Pat. No. 7,874,778. Thanks for the business!


2008 - 2010

  • On Sept. 21, 2010 the USPTO issued US Pat. No. 7,797,888 to MPA Client Miguel Serrano, from San Juan, PR.
  • On Dec. 8th, 2009, the USPTO issued two patents prosecuted by MPA. Pat. No. 7,627,994 for Universal Pole and Post Anchoring System, and Pat. No. 7,631,352 for Link2File Automated Computer Location and Linking System.


  • On August 4th, 2009, the USPTO issued the MPA modified and argued Pat. No. 7,570,438 to inventor Art McKinley of MA for an Optical Apparatus with Off-Axis Direction-of-view. If you need to buy a small (< 1.5 mm OD) borescope, call Art at Zibra.


  • On December 23, 2008 the USPTO issued the MPA prepared Pat. No. 7,467,718 to inventor Laurie Donohue of NH for a Cobination Strainer and Service Bowl. Congratulations Laurie!

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